Pregnancy Compression Socks 2 Pack – Cozy Bump
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Pregnancy Compression Socks 2 Pack

$ 29.97 $ 40.00
Pregnancy Compression Socks 2 Pack - Cozy Bump

$ 29.97 FREE Express Shipping

*We are currently out of stock of BLUE SMALL/MEDIUM Pregnancy Socks*
*All other colors and sizes are in stock!*
✔ PROMOTE A HEALTHY PREGNANCY - The gradual compression of our Medical-Grade Maternity Socks (15-21mmHg) provides enhanced circulation of blood to the heart. Because of the improved blood flow, more oxygen enters your bloodstream and more nutrients can be effectively delivered to your developing baby, promoting a healthy and successful pregnancy.
✔ PREVENT VARICOSE VEINS & ENERGIZE YOUR LEGS - By improving blood flow and circulation, our Medical-Grade Maternity Compression Socks (15-21mmHg) may help to prevent the ankle, leg, and foot swelling often associated with pregnancy. They may also help reduce the risk of developing varicose veins (spider veins) so you can stay looking and feeling good!
COMPRESSION THERAPY TECHNOLOGY - Provides true graduated compression to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, help muscle recovery, spider, and varicose veins
PROFESSIONAL HIGH-GRADE QUALITY - Made of Power+ Premium Performance Fabric. A must-have for pregnant women. The superior grade circular knit structure delivers 360-degree stretch for greater flexibility and durability.
BUY IT NOW AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE INSTANTLY - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Your satisfaction is our guarantee! We Promise These Are The Most Perfect Fitting, Maximum Swelling Reducing, Highest Pain Relieving, Longest Lasting Compression Socks You Will Ever Own.

*We are currently out of stock of Blue Small/Medium Pregnancy Socks**All other colors and sizes are in stock!*