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Back Pain during early pregnancy

Soon to be mothers begin to experience pregnancy symptoms within a few weeks of conception. Not only do the symptoms indicate a life-changing experience, it is also a continuous reminder of the soon to be made remarkable new addition to the family.
While few women have a comfortable pregnancy with no discomfort at all, some face excessive complications and severe pain. Healthy mother or not, back pain during early pregnancy is one amongst the few symptoms that is faced by almost all expecting women.
The common causes of back pain during pregnancy are:
Posture change: As the uterus grows, the stomach gets larger and causes changes in the body's center of gravity. This places stress on the back and causes pain. The pain due to this reason, however, causes more discomfort during the later stages of pregnancy.
Round Ligament pain: The tissues connecting the uterus to the pelvic and abdomen areas are stretched to accommodate the fetus and the fluid to surround it. Caused due to stretching of muscles, this pain is more common towards the end of the first trimester.
Hormones: To make a woman's body ready for pregnancy and childbirth, a number of new hormones and an increased amount of various other hormones are released. As these hormones release through the body, it causes severe pain and instability.
Ectopic Pregnancy: In rare cases, the fertilized egg attaches itself at places other than the uterine wall, causing excessive lower back pain during early pregnancy. Such pregnancies are to be detected on time and terminated as immediately to prevent internal bleeding.
Miscarriage: Excessive back pain could be a sign warning about a miscarriage. Repeated contractions due to various possible reasons for a miscarriage cause the pain. Timely awareness and treatment could help in avoiding infection and future complications in the body of the mother.
Back pain during pregnancy that’s caused for reasons apart from a miscarriage or complications related to the pregnancy can be eased out by doing the following.
  • A slow walking, pregnancy safe yoga on a regular basis to increase flexibility
  • Use of comfortable pregnancy pillows (like the ones available on CozyBump) helps in maintaining your back in the right posture
  • Heat/ Cold Therapy several times a day for a short span of time in each cycle
  • Wear low heel shoes with arch support soles
  • Avoid bending at your waist to lift or pick things up. Squat down if necessary.
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy
While few women suffer from lower back pain during pregnancy because of minor physical changes, for a few it could be signs of serious issues. It is important that the reason for the pain is determined on time and suitable remedies are followed.