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Here is a basic overview:

  • You will send your traffic to an affiliate link that we will generate and email to you once you register.
  • Commissions Start at 10% per sale
  • For example, If you sell (1) Cozy Bump (Blue or Pink) for $54.99 you will Receive: $5.49

Why should you join our affiliate program?

  • You get credit for a sale even if the website visitor leaves and comes back up to 30 days later!
  • The cozy bump is one of the most popular Maternity Pillows on the market.
  • Our sales increase every single month and we want to share our profits with others who are passionate about helping pregnant mothers!
  • The Cozy Bump brand is quickly becoming a household name and many people are benefiting from our wonderful invention.
  • The Cozy Bump’s patented design allows the user’s legs to lower which decompresses the spine and relieves pain and pressure. There simply isn’t anything else like this available on the market!
  • Combine this feature with being able to lay face down and utilizing the bump hole, the cozy bump relieves shoulder and upper back pressure as well! Once a pregnant woman sees the product and learns how it can help her, it is extremely likely she will make a purchase!

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