Cozy Bump Bundle Package
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Cozy Bump Bundle Package

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Cozy Bump Bundle Package - Cozy Bump

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❗️Why You NEED To Get This

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Helps Relieve Your Back/Shoulder/Pelvic Pain - Our Patented Design Allows Gravity to Kick In to Decompress your Spine & Help Relieve Pain

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Helps Blood Flow - Studies Show Lying on The Stomach With Your Hips Raised & Legs Declined Allows Better Flow Of Oxygen Rich Blood To Reach Your Heart & Your Baby

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Finally Get Rest/ Relieve Stress - Studies Show That Better Sleep Can Decrease Stress

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Can Help Prevent C-Sections & Painful Labor - Research Shows Laying On The Belly With Raised Hips & Lowered Legs Helps Move The Baby To The Optimal Birthing Position (Head Down)

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0 Doctor Approved & Tons Of Happy Customers - With Hundreds Of 5 Star Reviews, We're 100% Confident That Cozy Bump Will Be the Best Investment You'll Ever Make!

❗️Back Pain Is TERRIBLE During Pregnancy                                   

😀The Cozy Bump Can Help Fix This

● The Mother's Baby Bump Puts Stress on the Lumbosacral Spine
    ● This Leads to Pain and Discomfort in the Back and Pelvic Regions.  
      ● The Cozy Bump's Raised Center and Declined Leg Section allows the Spine to Decompress (see diagram below)
        ● The Image Below shows Stressed Areas when expecting Women Stand. The Areas Become Relaxed once Using Cozy Bump.

          ❗️Studies Show Lying On The Back Restricts Blood Flow To Vital Organs

          ● Lying on the Back During Pregnancy Compresses the Inferior Vena Cava (pictured below)

            ● This Leads To Cardiovascular Compromise
              ● Meaning, This Reduces The Speed of Blood Flow In and Out of The Heart
                ● This Impairs Uterine Perfusion & The Overall Health of Your Baby

                  😃The Cozy Bump Promotes The Prone Position

                  Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Laying Prone Encourages Blood Flow

                  ● The Cozy Bump Improves Feto-Placental Blood Flow, Increasing Blood Flow To The Placenta & The Baby

                    ● This Increases Oxygen Saturation, Giving Your Baby More Air
                      Laying On The Back Relieves Compression Of Large Maternal Vessels Because The Baby's Weight Is Not Pressing On Them


                        ❗️Research Shows Incorrect Fetal Position Can Result In C-Section Or Dreadfully Painful Labor

                        😀 The Cozy Bump Helps Position The Body Correctly

                        ● Tilting The Pelvis Forward & Lowering the Knees Below the Hips Encourages the Baby's Head to Point Downward

                          ● Head Down Is The Ideal Position For Delivery

                            ● The Cozy Bump Lowers the Knees Below The Hips & Allows The Forward Tilt of The Pelvis

                            ● Forward Tilt of the Pelvis Helps Correct Fetal Malposition

                            😁It Has Similarities To Ancient Methods, Used For Years

                            ● The Cozy Bump Swaddle is Similiar to The Traditional Mexican and Guatemalan fabric called “Rebozo”

                              ● The Robozo Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Reduce Pain and Reduce Tension on Pelvic Ligaments

                                ● The Cozy Bump is Similiar To The Rebozo In That It Prevents The Belly From Pulling On The Back Due To Gravity When The Mother Lies In The Prone Position


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