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Copy of Cozy Bump For Sleeping On Stomach Pregnant

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❗️Benefits of Sleeping On Stomach Pregnant

✅ Helps Back/Shoulder/Hip Pain - Our Patented Decline In the Leg Section Allows Gravity to Kick In To Help With Upper and Lower Back Discomfort. Constantly Needing To Lay On Your Side Can Cause Discomfort and Pain. The Cozy Bump Fixes This Immediately.

✅ Finally, Get Rest/ Relieve Stress - Studies Show That Better Sleep Can Decrease Stress Which Can Make You Feel Happier and More Energetic

✅ Tons Of Happy Customers - With Hundreds Of 5 Star Reviews, We're 100% Confident That Cozy Bump Will Be the Best Investment You'll Ever Make!

✅ Pool Or Bed - The Versatile Cozy Bump Can Be Used Either In The Pool While You Get A Tan, Or Indoors To Take A Soothing Nap!

✅ Great For Massages - As The Cozy Bump Lets You Lay On Your Belly, You Can Have A Loved One Give You A Massage While You Relax!

❗️Back Pain Is Caused From Supporting Your Baby

😀 The Cozy Bump Helps With This

• The Mother's Baby Bump Puts Massive Amounts Of Stress On the Back
• This Leads To Overall Discomfort
• The Cozy Bump's Raised Center and Declined Leg Section Acts To Reduce This
• The Image Below shows Stressed Areas when Women Stand. The Areas Become Relaxed once Using Cozy Bump.


      ❗️Studies Show Lying On The Back Can Interrupt Proper Blood Flow

       Lying on the Back Can Compress The Inferior Vena Cava, A Crucial Maternal Blood Vessel 

      • This Can Harm The Baby and The Mother By Restricting Blood Flow

        😃The Cozy Bump Puts You In The Prone Position

        ✅ Laying Prone Encourages Proper Blood Flow

        • The Cozy Bump Helps restore proper blood flow by relieving the pressure on the Inferior Vena Cava

          ❗️Research Shows Incorrect Baby Position Can Result In An Extremely Unpleasant Labor & Increase The Chance Of C-Sections

          😀 The Cozy Bump Helps Position The Body & Baby Correctly To Prevent This

          • The Cozy Bump Helps Put The Baby's Body In the Ideal and Recommended Position For Easier Labor


          😁It Has Similarities To Ancient Methods, Used For Years

          • The Cozy Bump Swaddle is Similiar to The Traditional Mexican and Guatemalan fabric called “Rebozo”
          • The Robozo Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Help With Back Discomfort
          • The Cozy Bump is Similar To The Rebozo In That It Helps The Belly From Pulling On The Back

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