Cozy Bump the original Cozy bump pregnancy pillow
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Cozy Bump the original Cozy bump pregnancy pillow

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Cozy Bump the original Cozy bump pregnancy pillow - Cozy Bump

$ 54.99 FREE Express Shipping

✔ Patented functions allow gravity to kick in to decompress your spine which relieves back pain during pregnancy

✔ Two separate air chambers allow you to adjust Cozy Bump's size as baby grows.

✔ OB/GYN and Chiropractor approved.

Shifting of the body’s center of gravity due to the mothers growing baby bump puts stress on the lumbosacral spine, leading to pain and discomfort in the back and pelvic regions.  The cozy bump has a raised center and a decline in the leg section which combined decompresses the spine helping with lower back pain during pregnancy.  In this X-ray image you can see the stressed areas when a mother is standing, then you can see how the mothers back is relaxed when lying on the Cozy Bump.  

Cozy Bump has been reviewed and tested by OB/GYN’S & Chiropractors. Heres what a couple of them had to say:

Dr. Robert Beim, OB/GYN. Has commented, “I’ve had patients lay on it, and I would highly recommend the Cozy Bump as a way for pregnant women to easily and safely finally get a good night’s sleep.”

Dr. Vincent Amato, DC, who specializes in chiropractic medicine, has recommended the Cozy Bump to his patients. He commented:
“The Cozy Bump is designed excellently to help relieve pressure for things like chronic lower back pain and herniated disks”. He also made it a point to say, “The round bump [in the center of the bed] and the decline for the legs actually causes a decompression of the spine when you lay down on it.”

Dr. Amato says his patients found the Cozy Bump to be “very comfortable, and it actually relieved their lower back pain”