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Cozy Bump Bundle, 2019 Model -- for Sleeping on Stomach While Pregnant

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😍Cozy Bump Bundle Package!😍

➡️ The Cozy Bump Bundle Package Includes Everything A Expecting Woman Needs!

➡️ Experience sleeping on stomach while pregnant!

➡️ This Package Includes - Handheld Massage Ball Roller, Belly Tape (E-Book On How To Use Included), an Inflator, A Cell Phone Stand (Great For Taking Pictures Of You On The Cozy Bump!), & A Belly Swaddle For Added Support!

❗️Why You NEED To Get This

✅ Helps Back/Shoulder Discomfort - Our Patented Decline In the Leg Section Allows Gravity to Kick In To Help With Upper and Lower Back Discomfort

✅ Finally, Get Rest/ Relieve Stress - Studies Show That Better Sleep Can Decrease Stress Which Can Make You Feel Happier and More Energetic

✅ Tons Of Happy Customers - With Hundreds Of 5 Star Reviews, We're 100% Confident That Cozy Bump Will Be the Best Investment You'll Ever Make!

✅ Pool Or Bed - The Versatile Cozy Bump Can Be Used Either In The Pool While You Get A Tan, Or Indoors To Take A Soothing Nap!

✅ Great For Massages - As The Cozy Bump Lets You Lay On Your Belly, You Can Have A Loved One Give You A Massage While You Relax!

✅ Sleeping on Stomach while Pregnant - The Cozy Bump finally offers expecting mothers another save, viable sleeping position!

❗️Back Discomfort Is Extreme Due To The Baby’s Weight

😀 The Cozy Bump Helps With This

• The Mother's Baby Bump Puts Massive Amounts Of Stress On the Back
• This Leads To Overall Discomfort
• The Cozy Bump's Raised Center and Declined Leg Section Acts To Reduce This
• The Image Below shows Stressed Areas when Women Stand. The Areas Become Relaxed once Using Cozy Bump.


      ❗️Studies Show Lying On The Back Can Interrupt Proper Flow

       Lying on the Back Can Compress Crucial Flows In The Body Due To The Baby’s Weight

      • This Can Harm The Baby and The Mother

        😃The Cozy Bump Puts You In The Prone Position

        ✅ Laying Prone Encourages Proper Flow

        • The Cozy Bump Helps restore proper flows by putting the baby’s weight underneath instead of on top


          ❗️Research Shows Incorrect Baby Position Can Result In An Extremely Unpleasant Experience Towards The End

          😀 The Cozy Bump Helps Position The Body & Baby Correctly

          • The Cozy Bump Helps Put The Body In the Ideal and Recommended Position

            😁It Has Similarities To Ancient Methods, Used For Years

            • The Cozy Bump Swaddle is Similiar to The Traditional Mexican and Guatemalan fabric called “Rebozo”
            • The Robozo Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Help With Back Discomfort
            • The Cozy Bump is Similar To The Rebozo In That It Helps The Belly From Pulling On The Back

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