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Pregnancy Tape - Helps with Pelvic, Belly and Back Support

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Why a Kinesio Tape Pregnany?

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Relieve Back Pain

  • The natural elasticity of the tape gently lifts the skin, helping to promote circulation and relieve pressure on pain receptors in the upper and lower back, due to the weight of the baby

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Get Better Sleep

    • Being uncomfortable or in pain while expecting can make sleeping difficult. Belly Tape can be worn while sleeping which can help provide much-needed relief while in bed.

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0 Relieve Pelvic Pain

  • Pelvic Pain is caused by your increasingly heavy baby burrowing deeper into your pelvis in preparation for birth. Pregnancy Tape helps lift the belly during pregnancy, relieving some of the baby's weights on your pelvis


Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Relieves Diastasis Recti Pain

  • Diastasis Recti Pain is caused by the separation of the abdominal muscles. This pain is especially felt during pregnancy. Pregnancy Tape helps support the pregnant belly to help relieve this pain.

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Relieve Round Ligament Pain

  • Ever Feel sharp or jabbing pain in the lower belly or groin area on one or both sides? This common Belly pain can be substantially reduced with Belly Tape

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Reduce Fatigue

  • As the tape distributes the extra weight from the baby evenly, this makes it easier to do daily activities like shopping or exercising

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Helps Rehabilitation During Postpartum

  • After Birth, the stomach muscles are very weak. Pregnancy Tape can be used after expecting to help return to a more functional posture as well as a diaphragmatic breathing pattern.

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Promotes Blood Circulation

  • Pregnancy Tape is made elastic so that it can gently pull the skin upward, allowing any excess fluids, to drain off and soothe pain receptors

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Posture Correction

  • While expecting, the weight of the baby is constantly sending your body out of the proper posture. Pregnancy Tape helps adjust your spine to its proper position.

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Almost Immediate Treatment

  • When applied correctly, it begins working immediately and can continue to provide relief 24/7 for 3-5 days per application

Heavy Check Mark on Google Android 9.0Step by Step Guide Included

  • Learn the BEST Belly Taping Strategies in our Step By Step Video Guide (access included with every purchase)

Tip : 


      • Check with your physician before using this product. This tape can do wonders to bring a level of comfort and support to any expecting woman.


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