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Return Policy

- Orders shipped outside of the United States are non refundable.  But we will replace if theres a factory default.  You must tell us of any issues with in 14 days of receiving the Cozy Bump.   

- Once you receive the Cozy Bump you have 14 days to return it.  Contact us by emailing and include your order ID. We will then email you a return label with in 48 hours.

Once received if its not damaged or dirty we will fully refund your purchase. If the reason for returning the Cozy Bump is no fault of ours you will be charged a $15 restocking fee.

Why do we have the 14 day return policy?  

                   -  Because it gives you more then enough time to see if its something you want or not.  

Newest comfort tip:

What we have seen some mothers do is place a thin sheet over the Cozy Bump hole.  

Once the sheet is over the whole then they try to lay on it, but give just a little room for your belly.  When doing this it helps credal your belly so you can enjoy maximum comfort.