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Mommy Reviews

When using the Cozy Bump theres no pressure on my belly:Cozy Bump Yoga / Fitness 

Just another happy Cozy Bumper 

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Workout:

Our first celebrity review of the Cozy Bump:


This mom is 30 weeks and 6' 1":

Cozy Bump allowed this mom to be in the best sleeping positions when expecting and helped with back pains:

Mommy and daughter using the Cozy Bump:


Cozy Bump helped this mom with back pains:


This Mom is a Blogger Heres Website:

Cozy Bump helped this mom with her acid reflex and heart burn:

This mom couldn't find a comfortable place to sleep until Cozy Bump:

Cozy Bump helped this mom sleep like a baby:

This mom is 5'9 and is happy to sleep on her stomach 

This mom was so excited she had to dance:

Who said you can't sleep on your stomach while expecting?