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- Yes it is safe and it won't harm your baby. However we recommend you consulting with your physician prior to using the Cozy Bump. You can also go to our Doctor Reviews tab to see what they had to say.
- You 100% need a pump. If you try to blow it up by mouth it will be very hard. Also if the Cozy Bump is not pumped to max capacity then you won't be able to find comfort.
- Yes, the weight limit for Cozy Bump is 300 LBS.
- Yes, the raised bump that fits around your belly has its own air chambers so its adjustable to fit any size belly.
- Cozy Bump can be used anywhere it can be placed safely & comfortably.
- Cozy Bump comes in 3 colors PINK, BLUE, and Gray.
- Everything is mailed PRIORITY MAIL which takes 2-3 days. Any orders placed before 2 pm will be shipped out the same day.
- The inner tube will suck your belly in and then stress your lower and upper back. The Cozy Bump has a raised bump above the opening which causes you to arch over so your back isn't stressed. Another feature is the decline in the leg section, the decline combined with the raised bump causes the lower back to decompress relieving all pressure. Click here to watch what Doctors had to say about Cozy Bump:
- No the Cozy Bump can also be used by anyone who has lower back pains and can't find a comfortable place to rest.
- Its 6 feet long, 26 inches wide. The Bed its self is 7 inches thick and the bump sits up another 2.5 inches.
- Get a cup or bowl of hot water and mix in dishwashing soap until the water is soapy. Dip a cloth into the soapy water and then scrub the area. Reap this a number of times until the stain is removed. Once your done wipe down the area with a wet cloth that doesn't have soap. Allow the Cozy Bump to fully dry before putting it away. (Do not use a scrubber or anything that will cut the Cozy Bump)

utside of the United States?

-YES, but all international orders are Non-Refundable. 
13) Is Cozy Bump patented?
- Yes, Cozy Bump has a Utility patent, a number of design patents and we are consistently adding new patents to protect its product.