How Cozy Bump Works

The Blue Cozy Bump

Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Helps Shoulder & Hip Pain

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The Pink Cozy Bump

OBGYN & Chiropractor Approved

Perfect For Prenatal Massages

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Cozy Bump Gift Set

Trio of Cozy Bump, Massage Ball Roller, Pregnancy Tape, Quick Inflator, & More

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Pregnancy Tape

Get All Day Back & Belly Support

Waterproof, Not Bulky, Taping Guide Included

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Pregnancy Tape


I am 5'4, around 175 pounds and 6.5 months pregnant. I love this thing!!I love the boob part (I am well endowed) it is so comfy

Jon L.

It really helps me with my back, neck and hip pain.

Kaycee O'brien

This really has been a lifesaver for me, as a stomach sleeper my entire life. Combine that with my sciatic nerve pain that makes it hard to get comfortable most nights, and I would recommend this to anyone that would listen!

Jessica Ballinger

The Cozy Bump allows pregnant women to safely, finally get a good night sleep while pregnant