Cozy Bump Pregnancy Workout

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The Bloom Method was created with a desire to empower women through movement before, during & after their pregnancies. I noticed a decline in women trusting their bodies and knowing how to birth. Realizing that there wasn’t much out there in the way of preparing women for the birth process via exercise, I wanted to create a fitness method that empowered women throughout their pregnancies, teaching them tools that would help to prepare them for labor in a new way. Using various groundbreaking methods I provide pregnancy + birth exercise coaching to mamas in Boulder, Co as well as via skype & travel training. I’m a certified personal trainer, Pre & Postnatal corrective exercise specialist, Core rehabilitation specialist and Pre & Postnatal holistic health coach.

I have spent years immersed in education surrounding pregnancy and exercise, modifications of movement during pregnancy, specific breathing techniques and how a woman’s connection to her body during pregnancy creates endless benefits for both mom and baby. My passion for empowering pregnant women through body awareness and movement techniques is contagious and I hope to leave you feeling strong, confident and more prepared for your birth experience.

The Bloom Method is a specialty Pre and Postnatal exercise method that consists of diastasis recti rehabilitation + prevention, labor training, functional exercise movements & innovative core techniques that will keep you strong and thriving far beyond pregnancy. I use different methods of each of these to prepare my clients for childbirth along with the mental & physical demands of being a new mom.

I believe that women have the ability to provide their children with crucial health benefits during the 9 months of pregnancy. Adopting a safe & active lifestyle can provide the building blocks needed to ensure these benefits. Regardless of how you enjoy staying active, I look forward to providing you with the tools to guide you through the next stage in life while redefining the way you exercise during pregnancy.

Brooke Cates CPT, CES, HHC
Founder | The Bloom Method
p: 303.775.2746

When doing any pregnancy workouts you should consult with your Physician first. If you feel any pains during the pregnancy workouts stop and call you doctor.