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Lower back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy Workout to Reduce lower back pain during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a time of great joy and many discomforts. Many women find themselves experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy. This is because of your changing posture during pregnancy and hormones. The hormones responsible are progesterone and relaxin. Progesterone is released during the first half of your pregnancy. Its purpose is to stimulate the growth of your uterus. Relaxin takes over during the second half of your pregnancy. Its role is to relax the ligaments and tissues so that the baby has more room within your pelvic girdle. Unfortunately, relaxin works on other parts of your body as well. The lower back is very susceptible to this hormone. This leads to you experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy. You can combat this problem by doing exercises.

The benefits of lower back exercise during pregnancy are that it can strengthen the muscles that are already strained. Stronger muscles can lead to greater endurance during your pregnancy. By increasing your muscle strength, you can lessen how much discomfort you may experience. Muscles that are well toned can allow you to better compensate for your changing posture. You have to strengthen your muscles in order to overcome the effects of the relaxin. The hormone is working throughout your body to loosen the connections of your ligaments. This makes your muscles work harder doing everyday tasks. This may even lead to injuries that can prevent you from living your life. Some women experience instability during pregnancy. Exercises can help you to overcome this feeling.

Lower back exercise can also allow you to be better able to cope with the rigors of childbirth. Labor can be difficult for many women. The lower back pain during pregnancy may be intense. By strengthening these muscles, you can reduce some of the discomfort. Childbirth will test your stamina and endurance. Exercise can allow you to increase your stamina. It may even make childbirth easier. There is also the added benefit of being able to recover quicker after giving birth. Many women find that this allows them to return to their old exercise routine much faster than if they hadn't performed these exercises during their pregnancy. Focusing on the lower back can decrease much of the discomfort that is associated with pregnancy.

Maintaining your muscle tone during pregnancy allows for you to shorten the amount of time that it takes to lose the baby weight. Your muscles will naturally burn off the excess fat that accumulated during pregnancy. You will also have an easier time carting around your newborn. Many new mothers experience a whole new set of muscle aches once the baby arrives. Lower back exercises can allow you to return to your pre-baby fitness level much faster than without completing them.

When doing any pregnancy workouts you should consult with your Physician first. If you feel any pains during the pregnancy workouts stop and call you doctor.