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Pregnancy Belly Button Pain



Many expecting mothers ask the question “Why does my belly button hurt?” at least once throughout their pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy belly button pain is something that many expecting mothers experience. Most mothers experience this navel pain during pregnancy in their second and third trimesters. Belly button pain during pregnancy can be caused by a number of different factors, but most in most cases, the pain is harmless and will cease to exist after the birth of one’s child.


So why does my belly button hurt?

There are many different factors that can cause pregnancy belly button pain . Some of these include a popped belly button, stretching of the stomach, and an umbilical hernia. All of the usually result for general uterine pressure.

General uterine pressure is usually the main cause for pregnancy belly button pain. As the fetus inside one’s uterus grows, the uterus, of course, has to grow with it. It ends up expanding beyond its usual position to accommodate the growing fetus. This causes additional pressure to be put on the abdomen and belly button.

A popped belly button usually happens very late in pregnancy. In essence, a popped belly button is nothing more than when an “innie” belly button has protruded outward, due to the added pressure of the uterus and baby. Popped belly buttons don’t happen in every pregnancy.

Stretching of the stomach is pretty much self explanatory. As your baby and uterus grow, your stomach has to stretch to accommodate their larger size.

An umbilical hernia doesn’t just affect pregnant women, but can affect any woman. This condition occurs when too much pressure is put on the abdomen. Women who are pregnant with multiples, or obese are at e higher risk of developing an umbilical hernia. If you notice a bulge near your navel, swelling or vomiting along with belly button pain, contact your doctor immediately, for these can be signs of something much more serious.

How can I stop my belly button from hurting?

So now that we’ve determined that the likely cause of one’s belly button pain is general uterine pressure, as one would expect, the best way to try and alleviate this pain is to try and alleviate the uterine pressure. Many different products on the market exist with the goal of providing additional support to an expecting mother’s belly. Some of these include pregnancy pillows, pregnancy tape, and maternity support belts. Which one is used depends on personal preference.

If one is looking for relief while laying down, a good pregnancy pillow is the best bet. If looking for relief throughout the day, a maternity belt or pregnancy tape is the better solution. Expecting mothers can even mix and match products and tailor their belly support system to whatever fits them best!

There are other ways one can help alleviate navel pain during pregnancy. One way is through the use of soothing lotions, such as cocoa butter and aloe lotion, on your belly button. These help to moisturize and soothe skin irritation that could be caused by the stretching of the stomach.

At the end of the day, pregnancy belly button pain may come and go as one progresses through the stages of rapid growth. Some women get used to the pressure and stretching early on in their pregnancy, and others don’t. All in all, The best way to help relieve some of this pain is to take steps to relieve pressure on the abdomen. Always consult with your doctor to figure out what’s best for you!

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