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Back Pain in Pregnancy linked to kidney function

Back Pain in Pregnancy linked to kidney function

Most women do not consider back pain during pregnancy as a serious matter. According to the doctors, more than half of expecting women experience back pain at one point in their pregnancy life. In most cases, expecting women experience back pain due to natural structural changes that are happening in their body. However, there is another cause too. If you wish to get to the bottom of this issue, then this article will be beneficial.

Back pain during pregnancy is mostly linked to kidney function. This does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from any form of kidney disease. Instead, the baby causes energetic kidney reduction when trying to get nourishment from your body. This causes the lower back not to get its required support. It is normal for depletion to occur, however, in these modern times, it is quite challenging to get the required rest to rebuild the strength in your kidney. Therefore, if you are going through such a condition, it is advisable that you get enough rest.

 Besides back pain, you might experience other pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and fluid retention to the ankles. The depleted kidney energy will prevent the body fluids from being processed the right way causing pooling.

Although it is imperative that we treat the back pain, the kidney will also need support. For this reason, we ensure that we concentrate more on the ankle area because they have some kidney supporting points. We make sure that we treat the pain and get the primary cause of the pain. This is what makes acupuncture the best tool for treating pain. 


3 best ways for treating lower back pain during pregnancy 

1.Acupuncture is one of the best treatments for pain. This method is very efficient when it comes to relieving lower back pain and is normally carried out by a qualified doctor.

2.Proper diet. It is essential for expecting women to take proper diet. By doing so, your kidney will be able to build more energy.

3.Ensure that you get enough rest. This will allow your body to relax and also increase the kidney energy.


Cozy Bump is also another way of relieving lower back pain in pregnancy. Dr. Matthew Carrera, DC has had the opportunity to assess and treat many expecting women suffering from back pain and sciatica. Cozy Bump enables the mild pressure to be exerted against the hips while lying in the cozy Bump with your tummy. It generates movement in the lumbar spine, eliminating any form of pressure from the disc and lumbar spine vertebrae thus relieving any pregnancy symptoms.


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