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Is it Ok to Sleep on Your Stomach While pregnant?

Is it Okay to Sleep on Your Stomach While Pregnant?

Stomach sleeping is something that many people, all over the world, have grown accustomed to. Stomach sleeping is also the second most popular sleeping position in America. During pregnancy, as the belly grows, sleeping on the stomach tends to become more uncomfortable. Still, many pregnant women wish for the ability to comfortably lay on their front, and ask “Is it okay to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?”, for they find that sleeping on their side is uncomfortable, and sleeping on their back is deemed medically unsafe.

There are some misconceptions about sleeping on the stomach during one’s pregnancy. A few of them include the belief that one can never sleep on their stomach after the 20th week of pregnancy, that one can’t sleep on the stomach without hurting the baby, and that one can’t be comfortable sleeping on the stomach while pregnant in the third trimester. However, due to recent technological advances, we may just finally have a better answer to the question “Is it okay to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?”.

There have been many modern innovative products with the goal of providing pregnant women with better sleep in mind and answering the question "Is it okay to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?". First, came the pregnancy wedge. This particular product was designed to help a pregnant woman sleep more comfortably on her side by helping to support the stomach. The pregnant woman would lie on her side, with her stomach against the pregnancy wedge. This, however, wasn’t the ideal position for the pregnant woman, for in most cases, it didn’t alleviate back pain or tension, and sometimes even made it worse. It also wasn’t very helpful for stomach sleepers.

The next modern innovative product was the Pregnancy Pillow (sometimes also referred to as a Maternity Pillow). This particular product was also designed to help the pregnant woman sleep on her side, but in a slightly different way from the pregnancy wedge. The pregnancy pillow is a large, long, u-shaped pillow that’s sculpted to cradle the curvature of the pregnant woman’s full body. To reap the benefits of the pillow pregnant woman would lie on her side in a “spooning” position with her legs wrapped around either end of the pillow. This, however, still wasn’t the optimal sleeping position for the pregnant woman, for it didn’t help to completely alleviate pain and tension. There would still be stress on the back, hips and sides of the body. This product, still, wasn’t very useful to stomach sleepers.

One of the newest innovations in modern maternal technology, known as the Cozy Bump, would finally allow pregnant mothers to sleep on their stomach, both safely and comfortably. The Cozy Bump is a durable, lightweight air mattress with many different features that allow comfortable stomach sleeping while pregnant. These features include dual air chambers, an adjustable belly rim, a wide headrest, a breast cutout, and a slight decline throughout the length of the device to allow for spinal decompression. To use the device, the pregnant woman would essentially just lie in the device and experience instant relief from back pain.

In conclusion, with the innovative design of the Cozy Bump, a more in-depth answer to the question “Is it okay to sleep on your stomach while pregnant?” exists. Expecting can now lie on their stomachs, comfortably and safely. Most importantly, the pregnant woman finally has another option for obtaining a good night’s sleep.

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