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5 Ways Body Pillows Help You during Your Pregnancy

5 Ways Body Pillows Help You during Your Pregnancy

Growing belly, hormonal changes, trouble sleeping, mood and eating disorders are all the factors that best describe pregnancy. While most of these factors are uncontrollable, mankind has designed solutions for many at the same time. Pregnancy body pillows are one of these practical inventions easing the road to motherhood.

Here is why we think pregnancy body pillows are a great investment!

  1. Helps you Sleep Well

Regardless of what position you sleep in, you do suffer from sleeplessness and discomfort during your pregnancy. Stomach sleepers, especially, face the most difficulty while adjusting to new positions since they can't sleep on their stomach anymore with the over-sized belly. A good night's sleep is as important as any medication for you to feel relaxed and healthy.

Pregnancy pillows ensure proper blood circulation, minimize tossing and turning during the night and help back and stomach sleepers adjust to side sleeping in minimum time to ensure the comfort they are seeking. If you still want to sleep on your stomach during your pregnancy, you should consider buying our cozy bump pregnancy pillow.

How to use the Cozy Bump. 

  1. Supports Hips, Legs and Back

Your changing sleeping positions can directly affect how your pressure points react to that. Majority of the expecting women experience numbness in the arms, pelvic pain, improper spinal alignment leading to severe backaches and intense pain in the knees legs. This is due to the inability of an everyday pillow to provide the support your changing body needs.

A pregnancy pillow adjusts itself in a way that provides support to all your body parts, keeping them well-aligned by taking pressure off your hips, knees and shoulders, giving you the required comfort.

  1. Stimulate Deep Sleep

Expecting women face restlessness and discomfort due to their inability to find a comfortable sleeping position. Tossing and turning for the whole night can leave your body over-stressed and tired. A pregnancy pillow gives the support your body needs, reducing your tendency to move throughout the night. This, in turn, stimulates deep sleep, allowing your body to relax and unwind that lets you wake up refreshed and recharged.

  1. Suits your Changing Needs

Since your body goes through more changes than you realize during pregnancy, you need comfort-providing equipment more than ever. A pregnancy pillow is therefore a must. Whether it is adjusting to the additional baby weight, or helping you adjust to new and cozier sleeping positions, or even assisting you with nursing once the baby arrives, a pregnancy pillow suits your changing needs with time. That makes it an investment that reaps more benefits than a lot of other pregnancy shopping.

  1. Use as a Nursing Pillow

While many would question the utility of a pregnancy body pillow once the baby arrives, but little do they know that a pregnancy pillow can be used as a nursing pillow too. Many women may not even face any difficulty with breastfeeding, while others may find lying on one position troublesome. While you can lay your head on it, the baby can use it as a support too while being nursed. This prevents you from developing long-term backaches and shoulder pain.

Pregnancy pillows are commercially available in various sizes and forms, for you to select from. By choosing the pillow that suits your sleeping needs best, you can be sure to get over one discomfort that comes with pregnancy. A good night's sleep gives you the energy to deal with the rest.

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