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Cozy Bump allows you to Sleep on your belly when expecting

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Attention all expecting women who are stomach sleepers! There’s a strong possibility the Cozy Bump is about to become your new best friend. Sleeping on belly while pregnant? Now possible.

When the video below came across my Facebook feed yesterday I couldn’t look away and a smile spread across my face. Where has this been all of our pregnancy days?

Doesn’t it look relieving to finally have a place to put your big, preggo belly?

Kathleen and Logan, the husband and wife team behind Cozy Bump, were kind enough to share a bit with BabyCenter about how their product came to be.

Born “out of pure necessity,” while she was expecting daughter Londyn, Kathleen explained to us:

When Cozy Bump was created I was at a point in my pregnancy where I couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep, rest or even sit, and like most women I was at a point of desperation and willingness to try ANTHING!
Cozy Bump creatorsIt just so happened one day while working at our gym, we received a noise complaint from the pool supply store next to us. While waiting to address the complaint with the pool store manager, my husband noticed an inner tube on one of the shelves and immediately thought of an idea: I was going to place my baby bump in the opening of the tube and lay facedown to relieve the stress, pain and pressure from my lower back.


We immediately bought the inner tube and tried it out. To our dismay we found out quickly that this idea actually caused more pain and pressure in my lower back, because the hole pulled my stomach in. It was then we realized we would need to add support to the hips while cradling the belly, so my back wasn’t stressed. After several attempts and alterations to the inner tube, Cozy Bump was created.

Kathleen went on to add that bringing a product to market has been a roller coaster experience.

“Although this sounds like an easy concept that just came together we did face several challenges with countless days of research, meetings with patent attorneys, interviews with manufactures, financial risks and potential legal battles regarding the trademark of the name,” she explained. “But those details are for another article another day.”

As amused as I am by the Cozy Bump, there’s a bit of (temporary) bad news to share. The inflatable pillows, which will retail for $69.99, are so new they’re not yet available!

Updates on the product’s Facebook page indicate Kathleen and Logan are working as fast as possible to get them made, and they hope to have 1,000 available in late February or early March — but they project they’ll sell out quickly. If you’d like to be among the first notified of Cozy Bumps available to purchase, you can submit your contact info on their site.

Best of luck to these new parents on bringing their creation to the market — and here’s hoping there’s more comfortable sleep for expecting moms everywhere just around the corner!

Heres the link to BabyCenter's blog on us:


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