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Can You Sleep On Your Stomach While Pregnant?

Ahhhh sleeping on your stomach while pregnant...sounds like a dream...a fictional story...a made up, old wives’ tale...right?

You're not the only one who wants to know if It's okay to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy.

According to, a popular resource for pregnant women and parents, “ you can sleep on your stomach for as long as it suits you until your bump is too big

But what happens once your bump is too big you ask? You can’t lay on your stomach or your legs and head will be hanging in mid-air!

All jokes aside, the only option for pregnant women is to sleep on their side with one of those little semi-helpful bump wedges that barely do anything or to sleep on their back which is widely considered a no-no by caregivers.

But what if I told you that those weren’t the only options and that you could actually continue to sleep and rest on your stomach while pregnant, throughout your entire pregnancy?

This has become entirely possible due to a popular and highly reviewed invention called The Cozy Bump. The Cozy Bump is praised by pregnant women worldwide to finally be the answer to all of their pregnancy pains and discomfort.

The Cozy Bump allows pregnant women to safely and finally get a good night sleep while laying on their belly due to the patented design.

Its design has a “belly hole” which a pregnant woman can place her belly in once she lays face down on the Cozy Bump. It not only allows pregnant women to continue to lie on their belly during pregnancy, but it also helps relieve their back pain by lowering the legs which help to decompress the spine.

So yes, you CAN sleep on your stomach while pregnant. But you need the right tools in order to do so safely, without hurting yourself or your baby.

We hope you can experience how wonderful stomach sleeping is once again!

You can grab your Cozy Bump Below :) 

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