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Sleeping On Stomach While Pregnant

Women all of the world who sleep on their stomachs are faced with a challenge when they become pregnant.

During the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have a lot to deal with. You name it, they're dealing with it : 

  • Fatigue
  • Tender swollen breasts
  • Headaches

To name a few. These may not seem like big issues at first, But combine that with not being able to lie on your stomach if you're a stomach sleeper.....

....Forget about it!!!!

As time goes on, and the baby gets larger, laying on your belly becomes impossible!

Although it may be comfortable to lay on your belly, women who are pregnant unfortunately don’t get to experience this..... Until now.

The Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow not only lets women experience sleeping on stomach while pregnant, but it also helps relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain and discomfort during pregnancy.

This revolutionary pillow that allows you to sleep on the stomach while pregnant helps pregnant women all over the world. You can even experience serene stomach-down relaxation while pregnant in the pool, as The Cozy Bump floats!

With this great invention, The Cozy Bump brings relaxation and comfort to pregnant women who would have otherwise been forced to sleep on their side or back.

These other two terrible options are not only uncomfortable, but they are also unhealthy.

Pregnant women who lay or sleeping on their sides for long periods of time can develop:

  • Debilitating hip pain

Sleeping on the back during pregnancy can lead to:

  • Restrict blood flow to the Inferior Vena Cava, a major maternal blood vessel, which can deplete the baby of important oxygen-rich blood.

The benefits of sleeping on the stomach with the Cozy Bump include:

  • Back pain relief
  • Increased blood flow to the inferior vena cava
  • Hip pain relief

Pregnancy, being as difficult as it already is, is even harder when the right steps aren't taken to relieve these common but debilitating annoyances.

So, do the right thing for yourself or your loved one who may be pregnant.  You can get your Cozy Bump below.

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