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Is It Okay To Sleep On My Stomach While Pregnant?

A very scary fear for many pregnant women is - “What if I roll on my belly at night? Could I squish my baby?!”

Well, at least during the early stages you shouldn’t need to worry!

According to New York OB-GYN Ashley Roman, MD, in the early stages of pregnancy, it’s perfectly safe to sleep on your stomach.

Once your belly does start to grow, it won’t be comfy or even possible to lay for long periods of time on your stomach anyway so you’ll likely change positions on your own before you could do any harm anyway.

So, if you’ve ever woken up lying on your early stage baby bump, have no fear! Nature has given him/her a lot of room in the womb.

If you find yourself still sleeping on your stomach, while you are getting closer and closer to the late stages of pregnancy, then you may have an issue.

Even though sleeping on your stomach is comfortable, it just isn’t a viable option during some of the second and all of the third trimester of pregnancy. That is until The Cozy Bump was invented!

The Cozy Bump is an inflatable pregnancy pillow that allows pregnant women to safely lay on their bellies.

The pregnancy pillow gives peace of mind to pregnant women who are afraid of accidentally rolling on their bellies while pregnant.

You can get a Cozy Bump of your own below! 

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