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Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

You love your baby bump, but you're one of the special people who miss being able to sleep on your stomach. In fact, it could be a few weeks after giving birth before you can actually be comfortable sleeping on your stomach again.


No matter how many pillows you pile around you in an attempt to minimize discomfort, you can still experience pressure on the abdomen, but also neck and back strain. Nothing quite seems to do the trick when it comes to comfortable maternal sleeping positions that don't restrict circulation or cause undue pressure on the back or belly.


Maternal advisors have always said that expecting women should not sleep in a supine position (on your back) because of potential heart compression and other problems, but there was little known about the impact of women who sleep in the prone position (on your stomach) because it was simply not an option.


Today, there is available medical evidence that shows how a pillow for expecting stomach sleepers can help improve breathing, and also reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and help with respiration, as well as other health benefits.


The pregnancy pillow, called the “Cozy Bump,” allows a woman to sleep on her stomach while helping to relieve uterine compression and assist in fetal-placental blood flow. The Bump helps with a safe stomach sleeping position for mother and unborn child.


This pregnancy pillow also combines a swaddling space with the comfort of a brace for a growing belly to prevent gravity from pulling and stressing the lumbar vertebrae, uterine structure, and posterior muscles.


A traditional Mexican/Guatemalan fabric called “rebozo” is used during pregnancy and childbirth to reduce pain. This kind of feature is also used with the Cozy Bump in order to cradle the growing belly in a tilted manner, thus reducing pressure and tension on the spine and the posterior and uterine area that is often caused by the downward pull of gravity.


The Cozy Bump is designed with a raised center and depressed ends in the leg section so that there is a slight decline of the head above and below the raised bump. The convex shape of the belly cradle helps to relieve low back pain and allows for better breathing during sleep. 


There is medical evidence showing that bringing down mother's anxiety and stress levels also help to regulate the fetal heart rate. With the Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow, the diaphragm is not hindered from movement and the result tends to help with relaxation.


The Bump helps in maintaining the best fetal position, working to relieve abdominal, sciatic and low back pain, while also enhancing the intestines, easing hemorrhoids and varicose veins, and easing maternal blood circulation.


Because this pillow for expecting stomach sleepers offers optimal fetal positioning, it is instrumental in assisting with malpositioned fetuses, which often cause more painful labor. Ideally, for the best outcomes, it is best that the child is facing the anterior position (face turned away from the tummy area) and the pillow can help to encourage the baby to adjust to the most optimal position during childbirth.


The Cozy Bump allows expecting women to sleep in the prone position, and with adequate support to the abdomen. It meets and exceeds criteria for the structural health benefits of sleeping in the prone position without causing any damage or stress to mother or child. 


Common pregnancy pains and pressure, and even stressful breathing, is alleviated by using the safety swaddle of a Cozy Bump -- an innovative wonder in the field of modern obstetrics.

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