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Sleeping on Stomach While Expecting

Sleeping on Stomach While Expecting?

Is pregnancy keeping you from sleeping in a comfortable position? Do you lose sleep at night because you can only sleep on your side? Believe it or not, sleeping on stomach while expecting is possible with the Cozy Bump, a new pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. This pillow helps you sleep on your stomach, improve circulation to you and your developing baby and relieve lower back pain.

During pregnancy, your body experiences significant cardiovascular changes that can affect your circulation. Obstetric doctors recommend that expecting women avoid sleeping on their back because this position can impede blood flow and nutrients that are vital to your developing baby. When you are sleeping on stomach while expecting on a traditional mattress, gravity works against the weight of your baby bump. This causes you to experience low back pain because the extra pregnancy weight puts too much stress on your lower spine, uterus, and back muscles. Not to mention that it’s next to impossible to sleep on your stomach when your abdomen keeps getting larger! expecting women are left with side-sleeping as their only choice, but this isn’t always comfortable for everyone.
It is possible to sleep on your stomach while you are expecting if you use the right product that will help ease the negative risks and inconveniences. Stomach sleeping can help relieve compression on your uterus, allowing blood flow to the fetus and improving fetal heart rate. In fact, one study found that stomach sleeping while expecting allows you to have normal oxygen saturation levels, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. It is critical for you and your baby to have normal circulation to have a healthy pregnancy and birthing experience.

Designed by a husband-and-wife team, the Cozy Bump is a pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers with a unique design that allows expecting women to sleep on their stomach in a safe and comfortable manner. The pillow is inflatable and resembles a air mattress. The Cozy Bump is 6 feet long, so it can accommodate tall women, and is available in pink and blue. Cozy Bump is OB/GYN and chiropractor-approved and creates overall relaxation for an expecting mother. The Cozy Bump also makes it possible for you to do yoga and other exercise movements that require you to be on your belly. Compared to other pregnancy pillows, the Cozy Bump is also incredibly affordable.

The Cozy Bump is the only pregnancy pillow on the market designed for expecting women to lie on their stomach with their legs and head declined. This convex shape helps you arch your back and relieve pressure and tension on your lumbar spine and sciatic nerves, therefore eliminating your lower back pain. This is similar to a Cox Table, which is used by chiropractors to treat expecting women with lower back pain. 

The pillow also has two separate air chambers in the middle opening where your abdomen rests that can be adjusted with more or less air in order to accommodate each stage of your pregnancy. The opening also has a swaddle attached to it to cradle your bump. The swaddle prevents gravity from pulling on your stomach and contributing to pressure on your uterus, back muscles and lumbar area. This swaddle is similar to a hammock and follows the same idea as rebozo, a traditional fabric used in Guatemala and Mexico during pregnancy.

Another benefit of the Cozy Bump is the ability to shift the baby to the best delivery position and turn the baby out of a breech position. The Cozy Bump achieves this by tilting your pelvis forward and keeping your knees lower than your hips. Breech positions are a common reason for women to undergo a C-section, so the Cozy Bump helps promote an easier, intervention-free delivery.

Women all over the country love the Cozy Bump as seen by the dozens of 5-star reviews on their website and Amazon. The Cozy Bump eliminates your common pregnancy ailments and allows you to get a good night’s sleep on your stomach. Pregnancy is hard enough, make it easier with the Cozy Bump!

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