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when to stop sleeping on your stomach when expecting

when to stop sleeping on your stomach when expecting

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. The joy of producing and protecting an emerging life cannot be calculated on any chart. The realization that you are carrying something within you that may change the world for better just by its existence, or that will complete you, and your partner’s lives come with a lot of physical changes, discomfort, and sleepless nights. Hormonal imbalances bring on nausea, your gait changes causing muscle pain, the ligatures in your pelvis begin to stretch bringing aches that seem to go on forever. But, most of all, you cannot get your sleep.

Sleep is a major issue for expecting ladies. Your concern for the baby drives you to ask when to stop sleeping on your stomach while expecting. The jury is out on that question. Most doctors answer that only you can judge. You should stop sleeping on your stomach when it becomes uncomfortable to do so. Other doctors will give you a week of your pregnancy—anywhere from week 16 to week 24—when you should stop sleeping on your stomach. And other doctors will tell you not to sleep on your stomach at any time during your pregnancy.

Your main concern is that you may injure the baby while sleeping. However, there are concerns about your well-being and your future that you need to take into consideration when deciding on when to stop sleeping on your stomach while expecting. Obviously, there are several positions that you may unconsciously move to while you sleep, each of which has an issue.

• When you are expecting, you should not sleep on your back. As your pregnancy progresses, the fetus and uterine fluid gains in weight. If you sleep on your back, gravity pulls the fetus against your spine. When the uterus presses against the spine, it may cause spinal compression and intensified backaches. Backaches are a major complaint suffered by expecting women. Sleeping on your back may relieve some of your distress about injuring the baby in your sleep, but it contributes in a major way to the backaches you feel all day and night.

• Many doctors will recommend you sleep on your side with a pillow supporting the baby. Since you are unaware of your actions while sleeping, this position can be just as dangerous as sleeping on your stomach. Gravity will pull your fetus to one side or the other putting pressure on the fetus while you sleep on your side. You will experience the feeling of gravity pulling your fetus to one side or the other while you sleep, leading to less restful sleep and wearing you down day-by-day and night-by-night.

So, if every sleeping position has its dangers, how can an expecting lady get her rest? The plain truth of the matter is that you no longer need to worry about the issue. There is a solution to the dilemma that provides support for your baby and comfort for you while you sleep; it is called the Cozy Bump.

The Cozy Bump is a pregnancy pillow with hole for stomach. The Cozy Bump is not just a pillow; it is an inflatable device designed to support the whole body while allowing your swollen belly to rest in comfort in a hole designed to support the sides of your stomach while placing no pressure on the fetus. Since the Cozy Bump is designed to support your whole body, you could call it an adjustable pregnancy mattress.

One of the unique properties of this pregnancy mattress is the two inflation points-one for an upper chamber and another for the lower chamber. These two inflation points allow you to adjust the height of the pillow, providing just the right support during each stage of your pregnancy. By inflating the lower chamber completely, you provide the full body support you so desperately need. Then, while inflating the upper chamber, you can raise or lower the height of this pregnancy pillow with a hole in it depending on the amount of space you need to support your fetus without placing pressure on it.

You can also use the pillow to support your stomach while laying on your side. All you need to do is find the appropriate inflation level. Then, while lying beside the pillow, you can move your stomach into the hole, embrace the pillow with your arms, and throw your leg over the lower part of the pillow. Using this method on either side relaxes your shoulders, stretches your back, and rests those stretched ligaments in your pelvis.

With the invention of the Cozy Bump—the pregnancy pillow with a hole in it—you no longer need to lose your rest when expecting. Cast aside your sleep worries and pains. Wake up in the morning fresh and ready to go for another day by using adjustable support like the Cozy Bump.

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