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Pregnancy Compression Socks

Pregnancy Compression Socks

The Benefits of Wearing Pregnancy Compression Socks

Maintaining a healthy body is never as important as it is during pregnancy. Part of caring for your body in the proper manner is to alleviate the pressure on the legs as much as possible as you go about your daily routine. Pregnancy Compression Socks are the ideal solution to accomplish this goal. Socks such as these come in various strengths, but for expecting women, doctors typically recommend either the 15-mmHg -20-mmHg or the 20-mmHg to 30-mmHG strengths. By wearing these types of socks on a daily basis, you will realize the following benefits:

• You Will Encourage Proper Blood Circulation

Proper circulation is crucial to ensure that the blood returns from your legs at the correct rate back to your heart. Remember that your blood is responsible for delivering oxygen and vital nutrients to your body and your fetus. Compression socks stimulate your circulation to ensure that it is as efficient as possible while you are carrying your baby.

• Wearing Compression Socks During Pregnancy Reduces the Risk of Developing Varicose Veins

Since compression socks improve blood circulation, wearing them lowers the risk of you developing varicose veins during your pregnancy. Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins that you can easily spot on your legs. All veins contain one-way valves that encourage proper blood flow to the heart. If these valves become weak and malfunction, your blood can pool in the veins. This causes swelling in the veins and turns healthy ones into varicose veins.

• Lowers the Chances of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Another advantage of wearing compression socks pregnancy while you are carrying your precious bundle of joy is the fact that you reduce the chance of developing deep vein thrombosis or DVT, which causes blood clots. The hormonal changes in the body that occur with pregnancy can cause your blood to coagulate or clot more easily. Blood clots can prevent the blood from circulating correctly and block the veins. If you ignore their existence, they can cause pulmonary embolisms that lead to organ damage, heart issues and at times, death.

• Reduces Swelling in the Feet, Ankles and Legs

Pregnancy can cause your feet, ankles and legs to swell since it can negatively affect your circulation as we mentioned earlier. When this occurs, they will enlarge, feel heavy and make it difficult to walk. Pregnancy Compression Socks prevent this swelling and the symptoms that come with it.

• Relieves the Pain and Discomfort Associated With Pregnancy

All of the negative side effects that pregnancy can have on the legs, feet and ankles also cause discomfort and pain during pregnancy, especially in the later trimesters. Due to the fact that the Pregnancy Compression Socks can prevent or reduce these unpleasant side effects, they also eliminate or diminish any discomfort and pain in a safe fashion.

Another Way to Reduce Pregnancy Discomfort

Along with circulation problems, pregnancy causes lower back pressure. Enter the pregnancy pillow as a source of relief. The design of this pillow is such that it takes the pressure off the back. It has an opening in it that allows you to lie on your stomach in a position that declines the legs just enough to decompress the spine. Back pain and discomfort will diminish substantially as a result. You can even use the pillow if you suffer from a herniated disk. Comes in a choice of colors, namely blue and pink. Users of this type of pillow rave about the relief that it provides to them.

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