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How to sleep when expecting

How to sleep when expecting

Ask any expecting mom-to-be what one of the most frustrating aspects of pregnancy is, and the answer is likely to involve sleep, or more precisely the lack of sleep. The truth is, learning how to sleep when expecting in a way that is both comfortable AND safe can be very challenging!

Figuring out how to sleep when expecting safely has also long been a source of fierce ongoing debate among healthcare professionals. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), the general concensus seems to be that the "SOS" position (SOS here stands for "Sleep On Side") is ideal. If the SOS position can be done on the left side, even better.

But it can be quite difficult to stay in the same position all night long, and this is also not ideal for overall body health or circulation. Happily, now there is a new alternative sleeping position during pregnancy that is both ob-gyn and chiropractor-approved by using the new Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow.


Sleeping On Your Back When Expecting

Another sleeping position that is pretty much off limits once you conceive is sleeping on your back when expecting. Health experts state that this can put pressure on the major vein that is responsible for healthy blood circulation in the body.

Due to the ever-increasing weight of the uterus as your baby grows, when learning how to sleep when expecting, sleeping on your back is also ill-advised. This is because the uterus can put pressure on other organs, especially the digestive system, and cause backaches, shortness of breath, hemorrhoids and low blood pressure.

All things considered, even dedicated back-sleepers should make every effort to avoid sleeping on your back when expecting.


Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

As mentioned previously, most health and pregnancy efforts still concur that the ideal sleeping position during pregnancy is sleeping on the left side. In fact, when learning how to sleep when expecting, sleeping on the side (either side in this case) is generally recognized by doctors as the best position for getting restful sleep at any stage in life.

But, expecting, or not, there are some problems with attempting to sleep on just one side for a long period of time or all night. One of the best known reasons to maintain multiple position options is the need to adjust sleep position intermittently to maintain even blood flow and circulation, as well as to avoid muscle aches and soreness. For this reason, the body will naturally strive to move in the night, so it is necessary to learn how to do so safely rather than trying to prevent movement or position changes altogether.

Many pregnancy experts are now encouraging patients who are learning how to sleep when expecting to use sleep aids like the Cozy Bump maternity mattress so that changing positions becomes safe. This avoids dangerous health issues like low blood pressure and poor circulation that can harm both mom and baby.

With the right helps and tools, it is now possible to sleep safely on either side during pregnancy, although it is still advisable to completely avoid sleeping on your back when expecting, With the help of the Cozy Bump, which is the only product of its kind, it is also now possible for stomach sleepers to go back to sleeping on your stomach while expecting.

Sleeping On Your Stomach While Expecting
During the first trimester of pregnancy, if this is something you are used to, it is sometimes possible to continue sleeping on your stomach while expecting. Many expectant moms cite rolling onto the stomach in the night and crushing their baby as one of their biggest fears.

In truth, as the baby continues to grow and develop, it is likely that rolling onto the stomach at all will quickly become a physical impossibility. Even if somehow you do manage to make it onto your stomach, there is a good chance you won't be able to balance there for long, and this will ensure no harm comes to the baby inside you.

However, so long as there is a way to do so safely, there is no inherent harm in sleeping on your stomach while expecting. Now that the Cozy Bump is available, its unique design permits for utterly safe, ob-gyn and chiropractor-approved stomach sleep all the way up to the day of delivery.

About the Cozy Bump Maternity Mattress
Currently, the Cozy Bump maternity mattress is the only product on the market that is specifically approved by ob-gyns and chiropractors for use by expectant moms. Both moms and doctors share their firsthand experiences with using the Cozy Bump in these videos.

Not only does using the Cozy Bump greatly help with easing back pain during pregnancy, but it also allows for completely safe stomach sleep during naps and at night. This is a true first and long-awaited advance that has been enthusiastically embraced by expectant moms and their healthcare providers.

The Cozy Bump is a 6-foot long, 26-inchs wide air mattress with dimensions that are very specific to the needs of expectant moms. You can see a full visual explanation here of how the dimensions work to support your baby when you sleep on your stomach.

The raised area on the Cozy Bump makes room for your uterus WITHOUT letting it hang down unsupported. This is critical for safety - without this customized support, you should not sleep on your stomach at any time after your first trimester of pregnancy.

When learning how to sleep when expecting during each trimester, your belly support needs will also change. For this reason, the air ring that surrounds the bump area is its own separate dedicated air chamber so you change the chamber size for maximum support and comfort.

Best of all, the Cozy Bump itself is made of the same baby-safe material that is used to make baby inflatables, so you can sleep safe and sound knowing that your baby is resting safely with you.

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