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Prenatal Massage as the Best Pregnancy Gift

Prenatal Massage as the Best Pregnancy Gift

If you've ever been expecting, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The body aches, the muscle pains, and that pain in your lower back that just about drives you crazy. So it's not easy to see your best friend going through the same thing. You know how she feels, and you'd like to help. You've thought about buying her a gift to cheer her up, but then you thought again. Pregnancy gifts are tricky. She may not like it, and besides, you want to give something that she can really use. What about relieving those aches and pains? Wouldn't that be the most wonderful gift of all? What about buying her a set of massage certificates so she can get a prenatal massage whenever she feels the need? Your other friends are in agreement, and willing to chip in.

The only thing is, how does a huge expecting lady get a prenatal massage while lying on her stomach? That's the most relaxing position for a massage, and it's the best position for the masseuse to be able to apply the most healing kinds of pressure. There are special massage tables for expecting ladies that have a hole in them. But the tables are hard. Uncomfortable. And these tables don't provide any support for the baby bump. It kind of just hangs there, allowing the uterine ligaments to possibly stretch. Not good.

Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Expecting women don't have the option of taking a pain reliever for a muscle pain or backache. The best medication during pregnancy is none at all. Massage, while still subject to the approval of the expecting woman's doctor, is an excellent natural way for expectant moms to get some real benefits, such as:

Better sleep
Increased oxygen flow to tissues
Reduced edema, or water retention
Less stress and anxiety
Less joint pain and muscle tension
Less back pain
Greater sense of well-being

These are just some of the benefits of massage during pregnancy.

Introducing the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

Traditional prenatal massages are usually side-lying ones. But you know your friend would prefer to lay on her stomach in the usual massage position. She doesn't want to have to keep shifting her weight from one side to the other. That's when you found out about Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow. Yes! It would be perfect. The Cozy Bump pillow also has a hole in the middle, but it's super-cushioned with air chambers. It's even adjustable as the baby bump grows. You also discovered that:

It's OB-GYN and chiropractor approved
It applies gentle pressure to hips, relieving that awful lower back pain
It features a wide headrest. Use with or without a regular head pillow

It's even won two awards from top pregnancy and new-mom websites. So you decide with your friends that you will all chip in for a Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow and a set of massage appointments for your friend. You all agree that it would be the best of all pregnancy gifts. There's no way she won't like it or can't use it. You found your Cozy Bump here: Your text to link.... It even floats! Now your friend can take the pillow to the pool and doze and float in the sun. Who says there's no such thing as luxury during pregnancy?

Your friend was so happy to get her Cozy Bump pillow and her massages. She now has a healthy way to deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy. And you know you helped her through a difficult time. What else are friends for?

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