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When Should I Stop Sleeping on my Stomach During Pregnancy?

When Should I Stop Sleeping on my Stomach During Pregnancy?

So you're expecting. In the beginning, you were able to sleep on your stomach still with no problems. But as you got bigger, you found that that was not very comfortable and besides, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, you really shouldn't sleep directly on either your stomach or your back. Sleeping on your back, the weight of the uterus can cause large veins to compress, reducing the amount of blood flow. This could be dangerous, and so it's not recommended.  Sleeping on your stomach isn't going to be very comfortable and you may not get the rest you need.


Pregnancy and sleeping

Women can have trouble sleeping during pregnancy for many reasons. The first trimester can bring insomnia and bouts of wakefulness. You may feel exhausted during the day so you sleep, which makes it even harder to sleep at night. The second trimester may be better for your sleep, but as the third trimester approaches your size makes it hard to get comfortable at night. The baby rests on your bladder and causes you the frequent need to urinate. There's heartburn, leg cramps, back aches, and a kicking baby. Insomnia may return at this time.

The Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

"When should I stop sleeping on my stomach during pregnancy?" is a question that many women have asked. Sleeping on your stomach while expecting likely won't be very comfortable, and expecting women have enough trouble sleeping as it is. You can try a special pillow, but many of those aren't designed very well, except for the Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow. It has a hole in the middle that allows you to comfortably lay on your stomach. It cradles your baby bump so you can rest peacefully and get the rest you need.  

Pregnancy Pillow Pregnancy pillow pregnancy pillow



So, with the Cozy Bump, the answer to the question, "when should I stop sleeping on my stomach during pregnancy?" becomes, "you don't have to stop sleeping on your stomach at all if you don't want to." The Cozy Bump is much more than just a pregnancy pillow. It has these features: 

Wide head rest
Hole to accommodate growing baby bump
Relieves lower back pain
Adjustable as the size of your baby bump grows

You can relax on your stomach any time you want. Get a back massage! Take a sunbath and get a tan. The Cozy Bump even floats!


It's such an innovative product, it's even won two awards. One is the 2017 Top Choice of the Year from  

It also received an award from the Mom' 

Try the Cozy Bump

So don't let sleeping during pregnancy be any more of a problem than it has to. Let trouble sleeping during pregnancy be a thing of the past. There are some things you can't avoid, but with Cozy Bump, lack of comfort when you're sleeping or relaxing won't be one of them. Visit us at Cozy Bump and see for yourself!

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    I love this pillow. Wish i still had it. My dog popped it while i was on it. Best choice ever

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