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Top 5 Pregnancy Complaints -- Plus How to Feel Better Fast

Top 5 Pregnancy Complaints -- Plus How to Feel Better Fast

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting things a woman can experience, but that doesn't mean it's nothing but rainbows and butterflies for 40 weeks. Being on the cusp of a life-changing event can put a person on pins and needles, and if they're uncomfortable on top of that stress it can make for very long weeks and months.

Here, we take a look at five pregnancy woes many women suffer, plus remedies for how to feel better fast...

1. All Day (Morning) Sickness

“Morning” Sickness just may be one of the most poorly named ailments in existence. Morning, afternoon and evening it’s possible to feel as though you might vomit -- and even do so on occasion.

Often women find they are more nauseous after going long periods (such as overnight) without eating. To combat this, eat smaller meals more frequently. For example, try snacking on a few crackers before even getting out of bed in the morning. Avoiding triggering smells (such as cigarette smoke) can also help, as well as keeping candy or mints on hand.

There’s good new to share, as morning sickness passes sometime in the second trimester for most. If you are unable to hold anything food or water down talk to your doctor. Extreme morning sickness is called hypermesis gravidarium, and can be a serious health concern.

2. Emotional Extremes

Your body is hard at work creating a new human, and that means sometimes you may find yourself a bit weepy...or angry. Take heart knowing more intense emotions than you’re used to is a normal part of pregnancy, and like all things this too shall pass. Many moms out there have their own story of bursting into tears over a diaper commercial or snapping at their spouse for something they’d normally let slide.

When you feel yourself becoming emotional during an inopportune time try taking a deep breath and focusing your mind on something else. Did I remember to buy milk at the store? Even a simple, insignificant question can distract from the trigger at hand and afford you a few moments to simmer down.

Also consider being candid about how you’re feeling. Those who aren’t aware you’re expecting may understand your feelings better and have more patience if you’re able to share your news with them. Having a solid support team can make a big difference when so much in your life is changing.

3. Itching

As your belly grows, your skin must stretch to accommodate! That means many women experience an intense itching sensation during the weeks baby grows the most.

While your skin is expanding it is continually becoming more moisture-deprived, which means the key to stopping that crazy itching is giving your belly what it craves: moisturizer, small dabs of anti-itch cream such as calamine lotion, and perhaps soothing vitamin E. oil.

If you develop itching all over or a rash, call your medical provider.

4. Heartburn

While expecting, the hormone progesterone is hard at work telling your body to relax and allow room for baby to grow. Unfortunately, it tells your whole body to relax rather than specific parts -- which means the valve at the entrance to your stomach may not be holding acid back as tightly as usual. When that stomach acid reaches your oesophagus it creates the burning sensation known as heartburn.

Keeping your meals small and frequent (as opposed to large and spaced hours apart) can help keep heartburn at bay, as can avoiding spicy foods and those that are high in fat. Some women report drinking a glass of milk, which neutralizes acids, helps before crawling into bed.

5. Backache

All the change your body goes through while expecting, can bring about pain in the lower back. Backaches are one of the most common discomforts endured by expecting women, with the pain often centered in the lower back, across the buttocks and occasionally down into the legs. The situation is aggravated by long periods of standing, lifting or carrying heavy items, and sleeping awkwardly.

There's little as frustrating to a mom-to-be as finding the time to get some extra rest and then struggling to get even marginally comfortable, which is a problem that only amplifies as she reaches the third trimester. Having plenty of pillows on hand to prop under her belly or between her knees can be of help, as can turning to new products on the market, like the Cozy Bump.

Designed to allow the belly to rest comfortably while supporting the legs and hips, the Cozy Bump lets moms-to-be to once again have the option of laying on their stomach to rest -- a position sorely missed by many over their maternity days.

Other treatments for backache include strengthening exercise as advised by your medical provider, making sure to choose supportive footwear, avoiding sleeping on an overly soft mattress, and massage.

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