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Your Growing Baby in the Second Trimester

Your Growing Baby in the Second Trimester

Welcome to the second trimester, your baby is growing quickly. Parts are developing, you can feel the changes already, and you couldn’t be more excited. If trimester one was exciting, the second is doubly so. Size, hearing, toes, fingers, and eyelashes are just a few of the most precious parts of trimester number two.

1. Double the Cuteness

Not only is your baby growing, he or she is doubling in size. Changing from miniscule embryo to almost a foot long, your little one is putting on healthy weight and enjoying all of the nourishment you’re supplying. Remember to continue eating healthy, nutrient rich foods throughout your second trimester to support your munchkin’s growth. Most people start showing sometime during this trimester due to baby’s significant weight gain.

2. Say What?

Month four brings ears; a milestone has been reached. Your baby can now hear you talk to him or her. Your voice is recognizable, as are sounds around you. By twenty five weeks, your little one will start responding to these sounds. Reading aloud to him or her and having conversations throughout the day will help familiarize your voice so that you are a complete comfort upon delivery.

3. Goodnight, Moon

Pregnancy trimesters are flying by, and with the second comes a regular sleep schedule. Unfortunately, your little one’s sleep schedule may not compliment yours entirely. When you’re ready to settle down, it’s not unlikely to experience some feisty kicking and play. 

4. Count Those Fingers and Toes

At the end of month six, your baby’s fingerprints and toe prints are fully formed and completely individualized. Congratulations, your little one is their very own person at the end of your second trimester. This is another milestone; you’ve created another family member.

5. Bat Those Lashes

Your baby now has eyelashes and hair. He or she can sense changes in light and dark, which may help to regulate sleep a little more naturally. His or her brain is slowly developing cognitive and memory abilities. You may even be able to tell whether you’re having a boy or a girl by the ultrasound pictures at this stage.

Truly, your pregnancy trimesters are rapidly flying by. Enjoy the third and ultimately the delivery of your brand new family member. Best wishes and may everyone in your family be happy and healthy.


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